Custom Cut Mirrors & Table Tops for Precious Homes!

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We offer custom-cut mirrors for your entire home. Our mirrors can be cut to innumerable shapes and sizes. We also bevel the glass and polish the mirrors carefully to ensure they fit perfectly for your project. Our professionals carefully install your mirror, so that you don’t have to worry about breaking fragile panels or dealing with unfamiliar mastic adhesives.

Custom Mirrors

Custom Mirrors

Whether you want to make a smaller room appear more spacious or need a decorative piece for a large room, Superior Glass and Repair can design and fabricate a custom mirror for you. Properly designed mirrors not only add space to a room but also brighten it by reflecting lighting.

Glass Table Top

Custom Table Tops In Winchester 

While they serve a functional purpose, glass table tops are also pleasing to the eye as decorative furnishings. We offer several standard table designs that can be hand-crafted in any size and shape, with a variety of edges. The glass can be clear, frosted, or tinted, or manufactured to give the appearance of stone or marble. Once cut, the pieces can be etched, beveled, or decorated to meet any homeowner specification. We hope to be your choice for table tops In Winchester.

Add world class glass shower enclosures to your bathroom.

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